Social Justice Photojournalism Portfolio

In the Summer of 2020, following the public lynching of George Floyd, I began to use a photojournalistic approach to capture and caption social justice movements.

In addition to spreading the message that Black lives have always mattered, my work has served as an entry point to having important difficult conversations with friends, family, and followers of all genders, creeds, and colors.

Within each piece, I strive to convey those sentiments of anguish, frustration, determination, and resilience that pulsed through the streets.

This portfolio is a small collection of the images and words I have shared.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

What does this image represent to you?

To me, this image represents a collective call for systemic change. A change in the way our laws are written, enforced and upheld. A change in the way we interact with one another. A change in the way we think, feel and act.

365 days ago, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police. The underlying forces that led to George Floyd’s murder remain ever-present. So too must our commitment to fighting for change in our communities and in ourselves. The work will not be easy, but it will always be necessary and must always be continued.

Rest in peace and power, Brother Floyd.

Captured June 19, 2020

Justice for George Floyd Protest, NYC

Captioned May 25, 2021

Lower Manhattan Evening Skyline
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